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TV interview lessons at the Indycar

The time we got interviewed on TV at the Honda Indy in Toronto Having dragged Emma all the way to Montreal to watch the Formula 1 race the weekend before, it was something of a surprise that she agreed to come with me the following weekend to the Indycar race in Toronto. Indycars are the American version of Formula 1, and they have been visiting … Continue reading TV interview lessons at the Indycar

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What makes expats grumpy?

That time we got featured in The Telegraph When Rossi Thompson got in touch with us via Twitter (follow us here) to ask if we’d like to be interviewed for an article she was writing for The Telegraph we were pretty excited. When we discovered it was about what makes us grumpy as expats we weren’t sure we could help after all. Lack of decent chocolate was the only … Continue reading What makes expats grumpy?

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Finding a Toronto activity that’s scarier than the CN Tower EdgeWalk

Standup Paddleboarding on Lake Ontario in Toronto  In June Emma took me on a belated birthday treat. There’s a good reason why it was belated though. In June, Toronto basks in warm sunshine and the waters of Lake Ontario lap up against the city unhindered. My birthday is in February, and back then, there may be sunshine, but temperatures are 30-40 degrees colder than in … Continue reading Finding a Toronto activity that’s scarier than the CN Tower EdgeWalk

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Today marks Canada’s 148th birthday and our very first Canada Day! Not sure how to celebrate, we consulted our colleagues, who recommended a Canada Day Eve trip to the Toronto Islands to watch the fireworks with the city skyline as a backdrop. So this was exactly what we planned to do but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. After much debate if it was even worth going … Continue reading Happy Canada Day!

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Watching soccer in Toronto

Can’t believe I just called it soccer *shudders*. Watching Toronto FC take on Manchester City One of the issues with leaving Europe behind is that you also leave behind the chance to watch your favourite football teams in action. However, Toronto is home to one of Canada’s three teams in Major League Soccer, a league whose popularity and reputation have grown ever since David Beckham … Continue reading Watching soccer in Toronto