Arrowhead cross country skiing moose pose

Cross-country skiing in Arrowhead

Arrowhead Provincial Park’s winter activities don’t stop with its skating trail, it is also home to a network of cross-country skiing trails. We put on a pair of skis for the first time in Canada to check them out. My first and only skiing experience had been just as traumatic as my first ever skating lesson. As with anything that required coordination, my one and … Continue reading Cross-country skiing in Arrowhead

Skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Picture a quintessential Canadian winter scene, snow covered evergreens as far as the eye can see, big fluffy snowflakes falling and a beautiful torch lit skating trail winding through the middle of it all. And there you have the Arrowhead Provincial Park Ice Skating Trail. It continues to be named as one of the top winter experiences in Canada, it even makes BlogTO’s top skating … Continue reading Skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park

XShot Sport camera extender pole Treetop Trekking

Review: XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole

The internet has given us many things over the years, including plenty of cat videos. Now thanks to our new selfie stick, the XShot Sport camera extender pole, we too have a cat video to share with the world. But before we look at a video of a cat, earlier this year whilst camping, we took a swim in the beautiful waters of the Georgian … Continue reading Review: XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole

Changing Seasons of Toronto July Summer

The Changing Seasons of Toronto

When we lived in Cambridge, I remember coming across a piece of artwork on a market stall that always stuck with me. It consisted of four photos, all taken from the same point and at the same angle, along a beautiful tree-lined path that crosses Jesus Green. Each of the four photos was taken in a different season, and I loved not only the contrast … Continue reading The Changing Seasons of Toronto

Tew's Falls

Day trips from Toronto – Hamilton’s waterfalls

Last weekend we paid a visit to the city of Hamilton. For anyone not in the know, Hamilton is home to plenty of waterfalls, and is arguably one of the most important places in Canada, as it was home to the very first Tim Hortons! Hamilton is bounded by the Niagara Escarpment, which starts in upstate New York, passes through Ontario and along the Bruce … Continue reading Day trips from Toronto – Hamilton’s waterfalls

Scarborough Bluffs

Cycling to the Scarborough Bluffs

Vancouver, as we’ve all heard, has the upper hand when it comes to Canadian cities with stunning scenery on its doorstep. But here, we want to reclaim a little pride for Toronto.  There are some great outdoor locations to visit near Toronto, although unfortunately most require a bit of travel. But nevertheless, there are the Niagara Falls (just make sure you’re facing away from the … Continue reading Cycling to the Scarborough Bluffs

UP Express review (Image credit: Rick Radell)

Review: Getting from Pearson Airport to Toronto with the UP Express

Getting from the airport to your destination in a new city can often be a stressful time. When we arrived in Toronto in September 2014, we certainly found the experience of getting from Toronto Pearson International Airport into the city confusing. Since then, the options have multiplied, with the launch of the Union Pearson Express, and with Uber becoming more ingrained in society. So we … Continue reading Review: Getting from Pearson Airport to Toronto with the UP Express

AGO Toronto

Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario

As we’ve said before, we are not normally ones for art galleries, or museums in general for that matter. After an hour or so I’m usually bored, my back hurts and I just want to go do something else. So when I found out that my team was going on an ‘away day’ to the Art Gallery of Ontario (or AGO to us Torontonians) I was probably the … Continue reading Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario

The Beaches Toronto

Winter Stations at The Beaches

After 16 months in Toronto we finally made it to The Beaches! It was a beautifully sunny day yesterday so we decided to head down to the lake and check out the Winter Stations design competition that was ending this weekend. Winter Stations is in its second year, and aims to encourage people down to the beach in winter by transforming the lifeguard stations into art … Continue reading Winter Stations at The Beaches

Cheltenham Badlands

Visiting Cheltenham Badlands

On my final day of work in the UK, I spent a long car journey picking the brains of my Canadian colleague as we drove to a meeting. She talked with passion about the GTA (that’s Greater Toronto Area to you non locals) and it got me even more excited to visit. At that point I thought we would only be in Toronto for a handful of days so … Continue reading Visiting Cheltenham Badlands