Inside Unionville Curling Club - an introduction to curling

Learning a new sport – an introduction to curling

Trying out curling for the first time at Unionville Curling Club. With the Winter Olympics recently finishing, curling is yet again in the spotlight. Even Mr. T got in on the act. Curling is cool, I Pity The Fool who don’t like Curling! Grrr #curlingiscoolfool — Mr. T (@MrT) February 20, 2018 Back in the UK, it once again represented one of our best medal … Continue reading Learning a new sport – an introduction to curling

Arrowhead cross country skiing moose pose

Cross-country skiing in Arrowhead

Arrowhead Provincial Park’s winter activities don’t stop with its skating trail, it is also home to a network of cross-country skiing trails. We put on a pair of skis for the first time in Canada to check them out. My first and only skiing experience had been just as traumatic as my first ever skating lesson. As with anything that required coordination, my one and … Continue reading Cross-country skiing in Arrowhead

Skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Picture a quintessential Canadian winter scene, snow covered evergreens as far as the eye can see, big fluffy snowflakes falling and a beautiful torch lit skating trail winding through the middle of it all. And there you have the Arrowhead Provincial Park Ice Skating Trail. It continues to be named as one of the top winter experiences in Canada, it even makes BlogTO’s top skating … Continue reading Skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Changing Seasons of Toronto July Summer

The Changing Seasons of Toronto

When we lived in Cambridge, I remember coming across a piece of artwork on a market stall that always stuck with me. It consisted of four photos, all taken from the same point and at the same angle, along a beautiful tree-lined path that crosses Jesus Green. Each of the four photos was taken in a different season, and I loved not only the contrast … Continue reading The Changing Seasons of Toronto

The Beaches Toronto

Winter Stations at The Beaches

After 16 months in Toronto we finally made it to The Beaches! It was a beautifully sunny day yesterday so we decided to head down to the lake and check out the Winter Stations design competition that was ending this weekend. Winter Stations is in its second year, and aims to encourage people down to the beach in winter by transforming the lifeguard stations into art … Continue reading Winter Stations at The Beaches

Toronto Christmas Market

Now in its 6th year, Toronto’s European style Christmas Market has been ranked by many as one of the best Christmas Markets in the world. Located in the historic Distillery District, the market features all the festivities you would expect, including Santa, a 54-foot Christmas tree, a mini Ferris Wheel and plenty of mistletoe. It’s the perfect way to kick off the festive season. We visited … Continue reading Toronto Christmas Market

Toronto Santa Claus Parade

5 things we did wrong during the Toronto Santa Claus Parade

The Santa Claus Parade is a Toronto tradition that’s been going 111 years. It’s broadcast on national television and over half a million people line the parade route ever year. Therefore it’s fair to say it’s a pretty big deal. So on November 15th we stopped what we were doing (looking for parkas in Hudson’s Bay) and headed over to University Avenue to catch a glimpse … Continue reading 5 things we did wrong during the Toronto Santa Claus Parade

Toronto Islands ferry ice

Surviving the Canadian winter

So we did it! We survived! Spring officially started today, so goodbye winter. What’s more, February 2015 was apparently Toronto’s coldest month on record EVER, with the daily high never exceeding 0 degrees! Although some might say that February cheated in claiming this record, given that it has only 28 days… Honestly, I don’t think that the winter has been that bad, especially given all … Continue reading Surviving the Canadian winter

Harbourfront Toronto Ice Skating Brown Bear Travels

Skating at the Harbourfront and drinking chocolate in the Distillery District

This week the weather has improved dramatically, the snow is melting and it finally feels like spring is coming. The good weather started last Sunday, when temperatures reached a massive 2 degrees, which seemed so much warmer after experiencing the coldest February on record in Toronto! We decided to take advantage of the bright sunshine and head down to the Harbourfront Centre to do some … Continue reading Skating at the Harbourfront and drinking chocolate in the Distillery District

Toronto Islands ferry ice

Braving the cold at the frozen Toronto Islands

Last weekend was Family Day weekend in Ontario (and in some other provinces), so we headed down to the Toronto Islands. Anyone in Toronto will know that it was very cold last weekend with temperatures reaching as low as -40 with windchill on Sunday!! We went on Saturday, as despite not being forecast to be as sunny as Sunday or Monday, it was due to be a bit … Continue reading Braving the cold at the frozen Toronto Islands