Scarborough Bluffs

Cycling to the Scarborough Bluffs

Vancouver, as we’ve all heard, has the upper hand when it comes to Canadian cities with stunning scenery on its doorstep. But here, we want to reclaim a little pride for Toronto.  There are some great outdoor locations to visit near Toronto, although unfortunately most require a bit of travel. But nevertheless, there are the Niagara Falls (just make sure you’re facing away from the … Continue reading Cycling to the Scarborough Bluffs

High Park Cherry Blossom

High Park’s Cherry Blossom

Visiting the Japanese Sakura cherry blossom trees in Toronto’s High Park Last week, on a late, sunny afternoon, we headed down to High Park to pay the blossoming cherry trees a visit. The beautiful Sakura trees were first donated to Toronto citizens by the Japanese ambassador to Canada, in appreciation of Toronto’s support for Japanese refugees after the Second World War. The most recent arrivals were trees … Continue reading High Park’s Cherry Blossom

Hockey on Grenadier Pond

Walking on a frozen lake in High Park

A trip to High Park was recommended to me by one of my former colleagues, who just so happens to be from Toronto. Ideally we wanted to visit on a nice sunny day so we could take some good pictures. The weather of course had other ideas but we decided to go anyway, after all, it’s not like we can’t go again. High Park is a … Continue reading Walking on a frozen lake in High Park