Cheltenham Badlands

Visiting Cheltenham Badlands

On my final day of work in the UK, I spent a long car journey picking the brains of my Canadian colleague as we drove to a meeting. She talked with passion about the GTA (that’s Greater Toronto Area to you non locals) and it got me even more excited to visit. At that point I thought we would only be in Toronto for a handful of days so … Continue reading Visiting Cheltenham Badlands

Cathedral of the Transfiguration

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration

Exploring a lesser known abandoned building in the Toronto area Last weekend we were meant to go on a 3 hour snowmobiling experience to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately, we got a call in the morning to say that one of the two key ingredients was missing. Whilst the snowmobiles were ready to go, sadly there wasn’t enough snow for them to do their thing. With a Zipcar … Continue reading The Cathedral of the Transfiguration

Maple Syrup Trail Bruce Mill's

A festival dedicated to maple syrup? Oh yes!

Visiting the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival at Bruce’s Mill, Ontario At the end of March we ticked another thing off our bucket list, and paid a visit to a festival celebrating one of the enduring icons of Canada – maple syrup! Unsurprisingly, Canada is the world’s largest maple syrup producer. In fact, if you took the province of Quebec in isolation, it’d be the largest producer … Continue reading A festival dedicated to maple syrup? Oh yes!