The Rookery

Highlights of Open House Chicago

When we had last visited Chicago in September 2015, we were stunned by how its downtown was packed with so many attractive buildings. Ever after, we always had our eye on returning for the Open House Chicago festival to explore the city’s buildings from behind-the-scenes. Last year we made that happen as we rendezvoused in Chicago with my aunt and uncle – who handily happens … Continue reading Highlights of Open House Chicago

Cathedral of the Transfiguration

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration

Exploring a lesser known abandoned building in the Toronto area Last weekend we were meant to go on a 3 hour snowmobiling experience to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately, we got a call in the morning to say that one of the two key ingredients was missing. Whilst the snowmobiles were ready to go, sadly there wasn’t enough snow for them to do their thing. With a Zipcar … Continue reading The Cathedral of the Transfiguration