Chihuly Garden and Glass

Our weekend in Seattle: Part 2

Given that it’s not that far from Vancouver, Seattle typically experiences similar weather e.g. lots of rain! However, during our stay, and in particular on our second day, we were fortunate to be blessed with excellent weather. Seattle reminds me a bit of San Francisco. It has a similar west coast vibe, the coastal location plays a large part in its identity, and the wider … Continue reading Our weekend in Seattle: Part 2

Mount Revelstoke fog

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Now in British Columbia, our time in the town of Revelstoke and the adjacent Mount Revelstoke National Park started in fog and rain! However, with waffles for breakfast at our hotel, it wasn’t all bad! Revelstoke is one of those classic towns – clearly only there because it grew up around the railway industry. In fact, carrying on from the train theme from previous blog … Continue reading Mount Revelstoke National Park

Moraine Lake

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

Despite being located in Banff National Park, we felt that Lake Louise and the neighbouring Moraine Lake deserved their own blog post, as their location is very much distinct from that of the town of Banff. Lake Louise is supposedly that stereotypical Canadian Rockies view – a blue lake hemmed in by snow capped mountains and forests of pine, and is therefore a very popular … Continue reading Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

Vermilion Lakes

Banff National Park

Our time in Banff National Park started with our first walk up a mountain.  Not a very big mountain, but it still has ‘mountain’ in its name, so it counts. Tunnel Mountain is located on the outskirts of Banff, and its summit offers good views of the town and valley below, and the surrounding mountains. With an average gradient of 11% (if our calculations are … Continue reading Banff National Park