Poutine and mountains in Montreal

Exploring more of Montreal

Things to do in Montreal during the Formula 1 weekend Long time readers will know that we visited Montreal for the day in mid November when we spent our time exploring the old town. So when we visited for the F1 a few weeks ago we had a very good idea of what we wanted to do when we weren’t watching fast cars. This list was … Continue reading Exploring more of Montreal

Spa Eastman

Turning 30 at the Spa Eastman

Halfway through our road trip it was my birthday so naturally we had to spend it taking a break from the stresses of being full time bums and head to the spa for a couple of days. The spa of choice was Spa Eastman, just an hour’s drive east of Montreal in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec. We drove from Ottawa across the provincial … Continue reading Turning 30 at the Spa Eastman