Maple Syrup Trail Bruce Mill's

A festival dedicated to maple syrup? Oh yes!

Visiting the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival at Bruce’s Mill, Ontario At the end of March we ticked another thing off our bucket list, and paid a visit to a festival celebrating one of the enduring icons of Canada – maple syrup! Unsurprisingly, Canada is the world’s largest maple syrup producer. In fact, if you took the province of Quebec in isolation, it’d be the largest producer … Continue reading A festival dedicated to maple syrup? Oh yes!

Toronto Islands ferry ice

Surviving the Canadian winter

So we did it! We survived! Spring officially started today, so goodbye winter. What’s more, February 2015 was apparently Toronto’s coldest month on record EVER, with the daily high never exceeding 0 degrees! Although some might say that February cheated in claiming this record, given that it has only 28 days… Honestly, I don’t think that the winter has been that bad, especially given all … Continue reading Surviving the Canadian winter