Our first real snow!

After staying in a not so nice motel on the way to Ottawa we decided we would rather stay somewhere a bit better on the way back. We also wanted somewhere that was closer to Toronto since we had to drop the car off by lunchtime the next day. This led us to Belleville – the birthplace of Avril Lavigne! We stayed in the Place Victoria Place B&B which was lovely and included a very nice homemade breakfast.

There’s not much to say about Belleville, which is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, as we arrived late and headed out early the next morning. The main reason for including it on the blog was to show you our first proper experience of Canadian snow which greeted us in the morning! Before we could go anywhere we had to borrow a scraper thing from the B&B owners who told us that this much snow in November was pretty unusual. Fortunately, this being Canada and not the UK where a single snowflake causes chaos, we had no problems on our journey back to Toronto.

Snow covered car in Belleville
…and after




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