Happy Pancake Day

Pancake Day is definitely one of my favourite days, second only to Easter Sunday (no prizes for guessing who wrote this post). Pancakes are very popular over here and eating them with maple syrup was one of the things I was most looking forward to doing whilst in Canada. When I was younger, we went to Jasper on a family holiday and I remember eating pancakes, which came with a whole jug of maple syrup, for breakfast every day. It was amazing.

You will often find a whole aisle of the supermarket is dedicated to pancake mixture and associated syrups here. This comes in a variety of formats from boxes of ‘mix’ which is essentially just flour and baking powder to a bottle of mixture you just pour straight into the pan. We of course chose to make our pancakes from scratch. Sadly though Pancake Day doesn’t seem to be as much of a thing here as it is in the UK.

Pancake mix
Pancake mix is commonplace in Canadian supermarkets. This one came with some earlier accommodation of ours in Canada,  and required milk and eggs, so we concluded that it was just a box of flour

To test whether we preferred the British style of pancake to the North American style we decided it was necessary to make both. Although rather ironically the recipe I used for the North America style pancakes actually turned out to be a Nigella Lawson one… perhaps not quite as authentic as I was hoping. Both of course were good and it’s hard to pick a favourite. The thicker type works well with maple syrup as it soaks in nicely but thin pancakes work much better wrapped around a tasty dollop of Nutella!

The finished products and a selection of our favourite toppings. Mmmm mmm

The best part – it’s now only 47 days until Easter!

There wasn’t a huge point to this post but hopefully it will make Stewart’s dad even more disappointed that he never gets pancakes on Pancake Day! We promise to make you some when you come to visit.



6 thoughts on “Happy Pancake Day

  1. Looks great! Everytime I mention Pancake Day to anyone over here in British Columbia they actually think I’m nuts and have some kind of freak obsession with pancakes. It’s weird, I would have thought Canadians would embrace a day dedicated to pancakes?!! But no….


  2. Frankly, there is no Pancake Day in Canada. Pancakes are not even that popular here (maybe the donut killed the pancake…). If you want pancakes, you go to the States, they are a big thing there. This being said, when is Pancake Day? My girlfriend would be extremely happy to learn that there are official days where she can pig out on pancakes and crepes.


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