CN Tower Climb WWF

We made it to the top of the CN Tower!

Climbing the CN Tower for WWF Canada

This morning we joined 6,400 others and climbed 1,776 steps to the top of the CN Tower. According to Wikipedia this means we climbed the tallest metal staircase on Earth! It took us 35 minutes to make it to the top – Stewart just scraping into 34 minutes as he left me to run up the last 2 flights. It was hard work but we were spurred on by motivational posters drawn by local children and the knowledge that if we got to the top we’d get a free box of Lindor truffles!

Looking scared at the start. It's so tall we couldn't even fit it into our selfie!
Looking scared at the start. It’s so tall we couldn’t even fit it all into our selfie!
Once we made it to the top we enjoyed the great views of Toronto on a lovely sunny day, getting a very different experience than we did back in September now we have a much better idea of what we’re looking at. You can even see our apartment building from up there. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take anything with us on the climb so we couldn’t take any pictures. Stewart was especially annoyed by the ‘hands free climb’ rule because it meant he couldn’t track the flights of stairs on his health app!

After we’d taken in the views and stood on the glass floor we took the elevator down, reaching the ground in a depressingly quick 58 seconds!

WWF CN Tower Climb
Meeting the WWF panda himself at the bottom

CN Tower Climb WWF
Fortunately Stewart isn’t too bitter that I slowed him down considerably!
Thanks very much to everyone who sponsored us, we raised an impressive $337.85 so we’re really pleased. According to the kids’ posters on the way up, the money raised will go towards saving the grey wolf, spider, whale, pig, leopard, panda, penguin and the famous ‘dolpin’!

We even got to take home our very own panda!
We even got to take home our very own panda!


7 thoughts on “We made it to the top of the CN Tower!

  1. I am sure I posted a comment on this! Must not have sent! Well done gyus! I knew Emma would make it speedily to the top if chocolate was on the agenda ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


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