Gracie cat

What makes expats grumpy?

That time we got featured in The Telegraph

When Rossi Thompson got in touch with us via Twitter (follow us here) to ask if we’d like to be interviewed for an article she was writing for The Telegraph we were pretty excited. When we discovered it was about what makes us grumpy as expats we weren’t sure we could help after all. Lack of decent chocolate was the only thing we could think of. This of course is a good thing we thought, if there was something major we would be straight back on the plane to England!

Gracie cat
Gracie doing her best grumpy cat impression

It didn’t take us long to think of the one thing that did make us grumpy though – tax returns!! We plan to dedicate a whole blog post to this exciting topic at some stage but in the mean time you can check out Rossi’s article here. Four other expats are featured and tell some great stories – my favourite being the kitchen sink saga! Enjoy!

Thanks again to Rossi for reaching out to us. If you’re an expat, let us know what makes you grumpy in your new country.



12 thoughts on “What makes expats grumpy?

  1. I’ve had to do tax returns for years so I’ve given up grumping about them. I did however totally sympathise with Chantelle at Seychelles Mama. Having lived on a Caribbean island, I can’t tell you how annoying it was when every single person started with Wow! That must have been amaaaaazing….


  2. In Paris, I was mostly always grumpy at myself for my uselessness in learning French (and the Parisians were grumpy at me in return for this too). In Canada…it has to be the tax. Actually, come to think of it – I did have a few many problems in France with tax too Oh for a posting to Dubai….. J x


    1. We wouldn’t either if it hadn’t been for fellow expats! In England you only have to fill them in if you’re self employed or under certain circumstances otherwise it’s all just done automatically.


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