The Flying Chocolate Company

The Flying Chocolate Company

Something very exciting happened last week. This box turned up:

The Flying Chocolate Company
The flying chocolate box of dreams

The box in question is the economy chocolate box from The Flying Chocolate Company and it rather appropriately arrived on our first Canadian anniversary last week! Launched at the beginning of September, The Flying Chocolate Company specialises in, you guessed it, flying good old British chocolate to deprived expats around the world.

I stumbled across them on twitter when their quirky British graphics and friendly service caught my eye, and wanted to check them out. They offer a variety of box sizes, giving you the choice of either selecting your favourite chocolate or taking a gamble and going for a lucky dip. We had the latter, allowing us to sample some bars we’ve not had for years such as the Boost and discover that the often over looked Toffee Crisp is actually pretty good.

The Flying Chocolate Company
The £9.99 economy box came with 8 full sized chocolate bars and a code for 10% off our next order

Our box arrived just a week after it was shipped, which for anyone in Canada who has patiently waited for items to arrive from the UK will know is very quick! The standard wait for us seems to be around 3 weeks which is a long time to have to wait for chocolate. So I have to say, we were very impressed.

The chocolates came well packaged to keep them cool and in shape, and the outer packaging had a note for the postman so he knows to leave it somewhere cool. They even send your parcel out at the beginning of the week so there’s no chance of it sitting in a hot Post Office all weekend.

Of course, given that this post is going up a week after the chocolates arrived, they have all been eaten! Perhaps we will have to sign up to their subscription service or hope someone buys me a box for my upcoming birthday…

What foods do you miss the most from other countries? Have you ever had them sent over?


Disclaimer: We were gifted our box for review purposes but as always, our opinions are entirely our own and we would highly recommend The Flying Chocolate Company. 


3 thoughts on “The Flying Chocolate Company

    1. Maybe I need to start a company sending treats the other way! What American goodies would you recommend? I’m always willing to try more in order to find something as good as those we left behind in England 😉


  1. Wow – that’s a great idea! I have to pay way over the odds to get the odd UK chocolate bar in DC, unless my lovely friends and family bring/send some over. We were so excited when my sister-in-law showed up with a massive bar of Dairy Milk.


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