The Beaches Toronto

Winter Stations at The Beaches

After 16 months in Toronto we finally made it to The Beaches! It was a beautifully sunny day yesterday so we decided to head down to the lake and check out the Winter Stations design competition that was ending this weekend.

Winter Stations is in its second year, and aims to encourage people down to the beach in winter by transforming the lifeguard stations into art installations. The seven installations along Kew, Scarboro and Balmy beaches all focus on the theme of freeze/thaw. Fortunately for us the thaw has now very much happened, but it was still a chilly 1°C on Saturday.

Toronto Beaches The Belly of a Bear
The Belly of the Bear has proven to be the most popular and photogenic of the art installations. Once you’ve clambered inside, you’ll find a fur lined room.
Toronto Beaches Lifeguard Station
Not much need for lifeguards to be on duty at the Lifeguards Station, when temperatures are only hitting 1°C!
The Beaches Boardwalk Toronto
It’s easier to walk along the boardwalk than on the sand!
Toronto The Beaches kites
Kites were out in abundance on a windy day.
Floating Ropes Toronto Beaches
Floating Ropes – giving you a place to hide, until your legs give the game away.
Floating Ropes Toronto Beaches
The view looking out…
Floating Ropes Toronto Beaches
…and the view looking in!
Toronto Beaches Flow
The ‘Flow’ encourages you to pick a wooden star off, and then throw it back on the pile. Just try not to overdo it and take someone out on the other side!

Our final stop was the sauna, designed by a couple from the UK, which provided a warm escape from a chilly day.

Toronto The Beaches sauna
It might not look like much, but the sauna was surprisingly warm inside…
Toronto The Beaches sauna
…and so made for a nice break and sit down!

The Beaches is a bit of a trek from our house, which is one of the reasons why we’d not made it down here before now, but we’re glad we finally did. It’s a great part of town, with the residential streets and the stretch along Queen Street East, with its cafes, independent shops and yoga studios, making for a very pleasant walk after paying the beach a visit.

Emma and Stewart

Enjoying the Beaches!
Enjoying the Beaches!

5 thoughts on “Winter Stations at The Beaches

      1. There is a company in the area called wsup. You rent on their website and they meet u at the beach with the board waiting for you. Not a bad way to spend an hour or two on the water.

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    1. I’m sure they would, it was being enjoyed by kids and adults alike. There was something quite satisfying about the way the stars interconnected as you threw them on the pile 🙂


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