The British Hamper Company

Christmas treats with The British Hamper Company

Christmas is just around the corner – yes, where did 2019 go? – which means it’s that time of year to overindulge in treats and goodies. We started things early this year, as we were spoiled in late-November with the Christmas Treats Hamper from The British Hamper Company.

Opening our Christmas Treats Hamper

November is a notoriously gloomy month, so I made the notoriously impatient Emma wait several days (much to her frustration) until we had some sunshine, before we were allowed to open up our package and snap some photos of its contents.

Finally one Friday afternoon the sun showed its face, and that was the cue to finally dive in and open up the package before Emma exploded with frustration. Our first impressions were good, with the hamper’s contents presented in a cute London-themed gift box, sealed with a blue ribbon and a personalised card attached. Taking in the gift box, Emma exclaimed “I can’t believe how well packaged it is, it’s amazing! The box is great.” So just like a cat, Emma was initially more excited by the box itself, rather than the actual contents!

Christmas Treats Hamper
Our Christmas Treats Hamper arrived in a beautifully presented box.

Once inside the package, we found that it was stuffed with yummy British artisan treats. These ranged from savoury to sweet, with Chardonnay wine vinegar crisps and hickory smoked almonds and cashews, followed by milk chocolate Christmas Santas, zesty orange batons, festive spiced biscuits, salt & sweet popcorn and sweet apple crisps.

We both love chocolate, so made an immediate bee-line for the zesty orange batons and milk chocolate Santas. The Chardonnay wine vinegar crisps went very well with our lunch the following day of bread and cheese, while the popcorn was good to snack on while watching Netflix at the end of the day. All of the products were delicious, although I think my personal favourites were the orange batons and spiced biscuits.

Inside the Christmas Treats Hamper
The goodies inside our hamper.

About The British Hamper Company

The British Hamper Company is a family business which specializes in the worldwide delivery of luxury British gift baskets and food hampers. From fine orange marmalades to cheddar cheese crackers, they exclusively source food from Britain’s best artisan food producers, much of which is award winning and all of which is delicious.

The British Hamper Company offer a wide range of their Luxury Christmas Food Hampers, all wonderfully presented containing award winning festive food and drink, and offer delivery to over 50 countries worldwide. There’s a box for everyone including vegan and gluten free options.

How much does it cost?

The Christmas Treats Hamper we sampled costs £77.85, which includes courier delivery from the UK to Canada. I have to say I was impressed with how quickly it turned it, the courier delivery is definitely worth it since it’s so much quicker than Royal Mail / Canada Post. There’s also no need to worry about surprise taxes and fees when it shows up.


Disclaimer: We were gifted our hamper for review purposes but as always, our opinions are entirely our own and we would highly recommend The British Hamper Company. 


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