Easter chocolate

Happy Easter

The long weekend dedicated to chocolate One of the times we often notice big differences between the UK and Canada is during holidays. This weekend is Easter but definitely not as we know it. For starters, Easter Monday is not a statutory holiday and we both have to go to work! This ruins the first thing I love about Easter – 4 days off! Secondly … Continue reading Happy Easter

Moraine Lake

Looking back on 6 months in Canada

So today is our 6 month anniversary since leaving the UK to come on our Canadian adventure. Doesn’t time fly! The good news is that in the past 2 weeks our respective parents have both booked trips to come and visit us (fortunately not at the same time…), and we can’t wait to see them again! To mark our 6 month anniversary, we decided to look … Continue reading Looking back on 6 months in Canada

Toronto Islands ferry ice

Surviving the Canadian winter

So we did it! We survived! Spring officially started today, so goodbye winter. What’s more, February 2015 was apparently Toronto’s coldest month on record EVER, with the daily high never exceeding 0 degrees! Although some might say that February cheated in claiming this record, given that it has only 28 days… Honestly, I don’t think that the winter has been that bad, especially given all … Continue reading Surviving the Canadian winter

Gardiner Expressway Toronto

Getting an Ontario Driver’s Licence

One of the next things we did after getting our new home was to get ourselves a Canadian driver’s licence. The amount of time you can drive on a UK licence in Canada depends on the province. In Ontario you only have 60 days, but in BC for example it’s 90 days. Fortunately for us the UK has an exchange agreement with Ontario, which as … Continue reading Getting an Ontario Driver’s Licence

Downtown Toronto

Finding accommodation in Toronto

Now that the fun of our travelling was over, we were back in Toronto and it was time to find somewhere to live before the ‘fun’ of working started! Rather than having a useful website like Rightmove, that allows you to easily search for properties and view photos, here you have to use Kijiji and Craigslist, which are more popular variants of the Gumtree style … Continue reading Finding accommodation in Toronto

10 differences between Canada and the UK

Monday was our 3-months-in-Canada anniversary, and along the way we have made a few observations of things that are different with back home in the UK. Given that Canada was once part of the British Empire and all that, some things are similar to the UK, but given the economic and cultural strength of the USA to the south, there are many things that are different … Continue reading 10 differences between Canada and the UK