XShot Sport camera extender pole Treetop Trekking

Review: XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole

UPDATE: Sadly our XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole broke after only 3 months and a few uses. We contacted XShot’s customer service in a couple of ways, but they were always extremely slow to respond. They did eventually say that they would send us a new pole, but it never arrived, and now they ignore our emails! So we bought another product which has worked … Continue reading Review: XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole

Changing Seasons of Toronto July Summer

The Changing Seasons of Toronto

When we lived in Cambridge, I remember coming across a piece of artwork on a market stall that always stuck with me. It consisted of four photos, all taken from the same point and at the same angle, along a beautiful tree-lined path that crosses Jesus Green. Each of the four photos was taken in a different season, and I loved not only the contrast … Continue reading The Changing Seasons of Toronto

5 great iPhoneography tips

January was a blockbuster month for us in terms of extracurricular learning. We’ve learnt how to use a 3D printer, how to skate, the art of sushi making and now we’ve added¬†iPhoneography to the list. We thought we knew our way around our iPhones pretty well, but your smartphone is even more powerful that you think. Last week we attended a brilliant workshop hosted by … Continue reading 5 great iPhoneography tips