Poutine and mountains in Montreal

Exploring more of Montreal

Things to do in Montreal during the Formula 1 weekend Long time readers will know that we visited Montreal for the day in mid November when we spent our time exploring the old town. So when we visited for the F1 a few weeks ago we had a very good idea of what we wanted to do when we weren’t watching fast cars. This list was … Continue reading Exploring more of Montreal


When Pigs Fry – a walking tour of Toronto

Exploring Hogtown – pork, history, architecture and graffiti with Urban Adventures Hogtown, the Big Smoke, Toronto the Good, T.O., T-Dot and The 6 are just some of the nicknames that Toronto goes by. In a bid to learn more about the city behind these names, we embarked on Urban Adventures’ When Pigs Fry tour, lead by the excellent guide Mike, which focuses on the first of … Continue reading When Pigs Fry – a walking tour of Toronto


All aboard the sushi train!

As some people (hi Selina) were getting worried that we aren’t eating I thought I’d write about a few of the things we ate in Banff. Not having a kitchen meant we got to eat more exciting stuff than the usual pasta and sauce or bread and hummus! Sushi train First up is the sushi train! Rather than the traditional conveyor belt method, the sushi here … Continue reading All aboard the sushi train!