All aboard the sushi train!

As some people (hi Selina) were getting worried that we aren’t eating I thought I’d write about a few of the things we ate in Banff. Not having a kitchen meant we got to eat more exciting stuff than the usual pasta and sauce or bread and hummus!

Sushi train
First up is the sushi train! Rather than the traditional conveyor belt method, the sushi here went round the restaurant on a model train. I have to admit that this is part of the reason we went there. It was very good though, especially the deep fried shrimp, and it was about half the price of sushi back home.

My hairdresser, who happens to be Canadian, told me about poutine and it sounded pretty disgusting. It’s a typical Canadian fast food (originating from Quebec) made with chips, gravy and cheese curds. Still sounds disgusting but was surprisingly tasty.

Poutine: looks pretty disgusting as well..

Pizza with honey and chilli oil
For pizza lovers everywhere, get a load of this. On our penultimate night in Banff we went to the Bear Street Tavern where they encourage you to drizzle honey and chilli oil on your pizza. This was a new one on us but we felt that it was a winner!

Beaver tails
This is basically a flat, oval donut made famous when it was served at the Canadian embassy during Obama’s* inauguration. It comes with a choice of topping, obviously I picked ‘chocolate hazelnut spread’. There’s no photo of this because we stuffed our faces with it immediately.

Beaver tails
Beaver tails. Picture stolen from their website.

Screme Eggs
Halloween is as big here as it is in the US so all the shops are full of boxes and boxes of fun sized sweets, chocolate and crisps candies and chips marketed for trick or treating. This included boxes of 50 mini Screme Eggs. We first saw these in Niagara Falls and it took a full 2 weeks of nagging to finally convince Stewart to let us buy some. Not quite as good as the UK version due to their rubbishy chocolate but still good.

Box of 50 mini screme eggs
Why is it called fun sized? Surely larger ones would be more fun.

Still not had pancakes or proper maple syrup!!


Stewart’s comments:

Quiz question:
How long did it take Emma to eat 25 Screme Eggs (not counting the ones that I held back because Emma was eating them so fast)?
a) 1 hour
b) 5 hours
c) 1 day
d) 2 days
e) 3 days
f) 4 days
g) 5 days

*Stewart feels that this should say Barack Obama, but Emma feels that this is not necessary, because everyone knows who ‘Obama’ is. Apparently he’s just like Madonna or Cher who only have one name. Cheryl Cole wishes she could be like that.


6 thoughts on “All aboard the sushi train!

  1. So what was the answer then?
    Has to be 1 or 5 hours!

    Having had pasta with gravy and cheese for dinner one night I understand poutine. Arran thought it was just a strange pregnancy thing. Maybe it’s my inner Canadian?!

    You promised you’d eat maple syrup on my birthday. Fail.


  2. Amazing! The sushi train looks incredible. The chocolate issue is the one thing that puts me off, even good old Cadbury’s is ruined in Canada/US. And don’t get me started on that disgusting Hershey stuff. But have you tried taffy yet? You get salt water taffy (Alexi brought me some from California) awesome, but apparently you can also get maple syrup ones as well, they are amazing- it is sort of a fudge like candy. I am glad you are having some Canadian typical food (honey on pizza- gross) but I still feel you are failing miserably by not having maple syrup. x


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