Toronto Islands ferry ice

Surviving the Canadian winter

So we did it! We survived! Spring officially started today, so goodbye winter. What’s more, February 2015 was apparently Toronto’s coldest month on record EVER, with the daily high never exceeding 0 degrees! Although some might say that February cheated in claiming this record, given that it has only 28 days… Honestly, I don’t think that the winter has been that bad, especially given all … Continue reading Surviving the Canadian winter

Toronto Islands ferry ice

Braving the cold at the frozen Toronto Islands

Last weekend was Family Day weekend in Ontario (and in some other provinces), so we headed down to the Toronto Islands. Anyone in Toronto will know that it was very cold last weekend with temperatures reaching as low as -40 with windchill on Sunday!! We went on Saturday, as despite not being forecast to be as sunny as Sunday or Monday, it was due to be a bit … Continue reading Braving the cold at the frozen Toronto Islands

St Lawrence Market

Day 2 in Toronto

So day 2 began with a quick visit to Fort York, built in the late 18th century to protect York (now Toronto) from those pesky and newly independent Americans south of the border.  It seemed rather insignificant compared to the modern world of gleaming skyscrapers in the distance and the rumbling Gardiner Expressway overhead. Next up was a short ferry ride across to Toronto Islands … Continue reading Day 2 in Toronto