St Lawrence Market

Day 2 in Toronto

So day 2 began with a quick visit to Fort York, built in the late 18th century to protect York (now Toronto) from those pesky and newly independent Americans south of the border.  It seemed rather insignificant compared to the modern world of gleaming skyscrapers in the distance and the rumbling Gardiner Expressway overhead.

Fort York
Fort York is dwarfed by the modern world

Next up was a short ferry ride across to Toronto Islands – a chain of small islands which feature an airport, beautiful parkland, some houses, an optional clothing beach, a mandatory clothing beach and views one way across Lake Ontario, and the other way of Toronto’s waterfront and downtown.

Toronto Islands
Toronto Islands offer great views back towards the city and out over Lake Ontario

We decided to explore by hiring a tandem.  Cheaper than the other hire options, it was good fun as we’d never ridden one before, however, it was also the most uncomfortable bike ever!

Tandem bike hire on Toronto Islands
Despite the smiles, the tandem was anything but comfortable!

Back on the mainland, and we headed for the St Lawrence Market, a food market selling all sorts of products of both international and local origin – felt a bit like an indoor version of London’s Borough Market.  We tucked into a yummy pecan pie.

St Lawrence Market
The food market at St Lawrence Market – giving a taste of old Toronto amongst the modern architecture

Pounding the streets further, we took in the Distillery District.  Once home to the British Empire’s largest distillery, it is now renovated as an ‘urban village’, featuring bars, cafes, restaurants, chocolate shops (but sadly, no free samples), clothes shops and some ‘condos’.

Distillery District
Taking in the sights of the Distillery District

So finally, after a day that covered many miles, we wearily walked back ‘home’, only to be confronted by reminders of what tomorrow will bring…

CN Tower reflection
There’s never any escape from the CN Tower in Toronto


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