Point Atkinson lighthouse

Getting very wet at Lighthouse Park

As we entered our final day in Vancouver, we were faced with a decision to make about what we should see. Since we had come to North Vancouver specifically for attractions there, it made sense to stay local and so we could rule out places like Science World which are in Vancouver itself. We could go to Whistler or Squamish, but without a car getting … Continue reading Getting very wet at Lighthouse Park

Lynn Canyon suspension bridge

Braving the rain at Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

After our first enjoyable suspension bridge adventure we decided it was time to try another one. Our new base on North Vancouver meant it was easy to get the bus to Lynn Canyon Park although I think it would have been just as easy to get there from mainland Vancouver. In true Vancouver style it was raining but we didn’t let that stop us and headed … Continue reading Braving the rain at Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

Zipline 3 Grouse Mountain

Ziplines and bears on Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain can be seen from most of Vancouver, in fact we could see the lights at the top from the road we were staying on in Strathcona. In the winter it is a popular local ski ‘hill’ but has become increasingly popular with day trippers in the summer. In fact the local guy we met whilst zip-lining told us that the mountain now makes … Continue reading Ziplines and bears on Grouse Mountain

Clouds Dog Mountain

Dodging fog on Dog Mountain

With a second job interview on the other side of the country still a week away, we had some time to play with. Taking the decision to make the most of the urban Vancouver area, we decided to decamp from Vancouver itself, and head across Burrard Inlet to North Vancouver and its selection of outdoor focussed activities for a few days. For this we hired … Continue reading Dodging fog on Dog Mountain

Mug shots

Rainy days in Vancouver – waffle burgers and police museums

Never one to turn down the opportunity of some free food, when our social media guru, Emma, found through her sources that a fast food restaurant in Vancouver was giving away a free lunch in return for only a ‘like’ on Facebook, we were straight on the case! Frites is a Belgian themed restaurant in downtown Vancouver. Its speciality is to serve burgers not in … Continue reading Rainy days in Vancouver – waffle burgers and police museums

Stanley Park

Stanley Park

Think of the world’s great and important cities, and you can always think of a landmark. Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Gate, the Coliseum, the Empire State Building, the White House, the CN Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, Christ the Redeemer statue, Sydney Opera House, etc. Everywhere seems to have a landmark or building that can be used as a civic symbol. The … Continue reading Stanley Park

Vancouver Aquarium

I feel like we’ve been quite negative about Vancouver so it’s time to write about something that we thoroughly enjoyed and definitely lived up to the hype – the Vancouver Aquarium. Nestled in the middle of Stanley Park, which will be getting its own post, the aquarium is home to over 70,000 animals. The main attraction is the sea otters that were just as cute … Continue reading Vancouver Aquarium

Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island, pizzas and a Canadian delicacy

Having got a few boring tasks such as organising SINs and bank accounts out the way, we decided to take in some of Vancouver’s sights, starting with Granville Island. We’d heard a lot about Granville Island and its market – about how amazing it was and that it’s where Vancouverites and tourists alike flock for their market experience. Well, based on our initial experience, they were … Continue reading Granville Island, pizzas and a Canadian delicacy