Lynn Canyon suspension bridge

Braving the rain at Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

After our first enjoyable suspension bridge adventure we decided it was time to try another one. Our new base on North Vancouver meant it was easy to get the bus to Lynn Canyon Park although I think it would have been just as easy to get there from mainland Vancouver. In true Vancouver style it was raining but we didn’t let that stop us and headed off in our waterproofs.

Unlike Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lynn Canyon Park and its suspension bridge are completely free and there are a few trails to take you through the fine scenery, which still looked good in the rain. Of course the first thing we did was cross the 50m high bridge and look down on the canyon below. The bridge is much shorter than Capilano but the lower railings at the side and the fact that it’s narrower and sways a lot more meant it was much scarier, but better! Although it was still not as bad as the one we went on in Switzerland in the summer of 2012.

Lynn Canyon suspension bridge
We weren’t the only ones to brave the rain!
Lynn Canyon
Looking down on the canyon 50m below us.

Once we made it to the other side we took the short trail alongside the river to an area where the water moves out of the thin canyon and into a broader creek bed forming the Thirty Foot Pool. The pool is apparently very popular for swimming but with the water said to be very cold even in the height of summer it wasn’t surprising that no one was brave enough to take a dip in November.

Tree in the Lynn Canyon Parl
Taking in the rainforest
30 foot pool
Thirty Foot Pool – no one swimming today!

Continuing on our walk we headed up some steep steps and made our way through the rainforest to Pipeline Bridge. There are no pictures of this, because as its name suggests it has a huge ugly pipe going across it! On the other side of the bridge is the Baden Powell Trail – this popular trail stretches 48km across Vancouver’s North Shore so we took the opportunity to walk a small section of it back down to the park entrance and across the bridge again! By the end of the day I think we had crossed the bridge about 5 times!

Lynn Canyon Park
A green and mossy Lynn Canyon Park on a grey day

Next we headed south of the bridge on the Twin Falls Loop Trail, another short walk which took us down into the forest and across Lynn Creek at the Twin Falls Bridge where we could look down on, yes you guessed it, two waterfalls.

Lynn Canyon Park
Left: Spot me and my bright coat walking up the steps. Right: Twin Falls crashing down.
Lynn Canyon Park
Waterfalls galore!

Despite the rain we enjoyed our day at the canyon and in some ways preferred it to Capilano not only because it’s free but there was more opportunity to explore the surrounding area by walking the trails which were relatively quiet. The downside of course was that it didn’t have a treetop adventure at the other side of the bridge!

Another thing to note is that the park has a café with free wifi which you can pick up from the picnic benches outside. Of course this was where we had to sit and eat our lunch so Stewart could nervously follow the live F1 updates on the BBC sport app!



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