Sorting out the boring bits: travel insurance

Compulsory and important but confusing and boring to research, pretty much sums up our experience of travel insurance. Going for such a long time and not having return tickets makes things more difficult than our usual quick search on a comparison website.

As we book more and more of our trip, especially expensive things like train tickets and flights, it becomes increasingly important that we sort it out to ensure we’re fully covered. It’s impossible to know what level of coverage to get, obviously there’s no question when it comes to healthcare but what about our stuff and will we actually be going black water rafting? (Like white water rafting but in a cave in New Zealand apparently.)

You think you aren’t going to lose your laptop or get your camera stolen but you also don’t expect to slice your finger when cutting sweet potato which is what happened to Stewart this afternoon! And don’t even get me started on winter sports cover, adding that on for our entire trip means the costs go into the thousands. Looks like we will just be skiing for 14 days and adding on more days if necessary!

The bandage really wasn't necessary
The bandage really wasn’t necessary

After several weeks of research and thanks to the ever useful IEC Facebook Group and this Moving 2 Canada page I think we have decided to go with True Traveller because it was at the top of the list. Here’s hoping we never have to use it.


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