2 months to go

On 14th June we did something life changing. After over year of umming and ahing, planning and applying for visas we booked one way flights to Toronto. The fact that in exactly 2 months time we will be getting on those flights is incredibly exciting but also a little bit terrifying!

In order to make me feel better about the incredibly long list of things we need to do I’ve decided to write down what we’ve achieved so far:

  • sold the car – thanks to the MOT running out in May we did this pretty early on
  • booked travel insurance
  • handed in our notice at work
  • booked our first 10 days of accommodation
  • told nearly everyone we know about our adventure
  • contacted letting agents in order to rent out our flat – they are coming to take photos tomorrow, eek
  • sold or given away a lot of our junk
  • decided that we want to live in Vancouver
  • decorated all but one room of the house

Still 101 more things to do…



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