Chariots of Fire 2013

Bye bye Cambridgeshire County Council

15th September 2014 – I’m at home, yet I’m not on annual leave, I don’t have flexi-leave, I’m not working at home and neither am I ill. No, we’re just a couple of unemployed bums! Also the Cambridgeshire Cycle Challenge starts today (unashamed plug…).

18th February 2008 – day of my 22nd birthday. My dad drives me up to Cambridge (good old Dad Taxis) for a Cambridgeshire County Council graduate trainee assessment centre. Later that day, he drops me off at a plush hotel in the Warwickshire countryside, where I spend two days on a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority assessment centre. Some birthday that was.

1st September 2008 – first day at Cambridgeshire County Council, and so my journey starts for real.

12th September 2014 – my last day at Cambridgeshire County Council 6 years and 12 days after the first. And what a journey it has been. There have been downs (a lot at first), and there have been ups (mainly at the end). But I’ve learnt so much. I ended it with 22 months at the wonderful Travel for Cambridgeshire team, and a position which I enjoyed more than any other and helped me develop the most. I also have so many memories and have made excellent friends. I may have been based in a scabby office block, but part of me will miss it and the people!

I spent time in 7 teams – MTID (now MID), TP&S (now TIPF), Guided Busway (now MID), Cambridgeshire Horizons (now extinct), New Communities (now Growth and Development), TP&S/TIPF (again) and TfW (now TfC) – and have 11 different line managers!

I met so many people over my time at the County Council, and here, in no order of importance, are just a few who stand out for one reason or another (sorry to anyone who I’ve missed out!):

Da Chen, Georgina E, Rachel A-C, Alistair D, Tom B, Jessie W, James W, Louise D, James B, Matthew S, Peter T, Sam S, Adam R, Aaron B, Sean P, Lyndon B, Matt D, Cagdas C, Tom K, Chris B, Dami A, Dan T, Mike D, Hayley T, Alex A, John C, Karen K, Adrian K, Adrian S, Chris P, Diana B, Hannah C, Gareth B, Bob M, Paul M, Alex P, Dan C, Becca B, Geoff B, Sue B, Sheryl F, David B, Janet M, Antony P, Jo B, Stuart C, Kathy B, Gerry C, Linda B, Helen M, Jeremy S, Natasha H, Davina F, Alex B, Mark W, Tony C, Bess S, Tim W, Lindsey R, Richard H, Paul W, Judit C, Christiane L, Steven T, Stevie S, Andrew P, Nick ‘Scribe’ W, Susan R, Simon M, Vanessa K, Charlotte C, Brian H, Gary A

So a now a new journey starts, and this one could be just as big as the last…


Team building at Grafham Water Centre
Team building with fellow graduate trainees at Grafham Water Centre, September 2008 – we capsized moments after this was taken!
Public consultation
My first public consultation event back in 2008/09, whilst wearing an interestingly coloured jumper and standing next to Patrick with a lightsaber!
Cycle Cambridge advert on bus
Looks like the back end of a bus… ‘Starring’ in a Cycle Cambridge advertising campaign as ‘Tom’, a commuting cyclist, in 2009
Football winning team!
Beating Suffolk and Essex County Council’s at football in 2010!
Chariots of Fire 2013
Chariots of Fire 2013, with the TfW team!

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