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I thought I would write a post dedicated to the useful stuff online that we’ve used to help us sort out our visas and plan our trip. I’m sure there will be many more to follow but here is our top 4 so far:


Canada IEC 2014 Facebook group

Whether you want to know about insurance or if your hair-dryer will work in Canada. You can count on the Facebook group for an answer
Whether you want to know about insurance or if your hair-dryer will work in Canada. You can count on the Facebook group for an answer. Just look at that cover photo!

Starting with the best, the Facebook group. This has been amazing, especially during the application process when stress levels are high. A big thank you to one of the admins for the group, Ben West, who wrote the ‘Guide to the Application Process’ document which we printed, memorised and had copies of everywhere just in case applications opened up and we needed to apply there and then. Having this resource made life a lot easier and whilst we’ve not actually asked any questions yet I know when we do someone will have an answer for us.

There are also a few other useful Facebook groups, including:

  • BUNAC/IEC Work Canada – very similar to the one above
  • Canada Accommodation – does what it says on the tin, lots of advice on finding somewhere to live
  • Maple Leaf Brit Expats – I’m new to this one but it seems like a lively community and somewhere to get great advice on anything to do with living in Canada


Moving to Canada website

A picture of the moving to Canada website
If nothing else, I can thank this website for showing me how to stream Neighbours whilst we’re in Canada!

Whist this is largely aimed at finding jobs for people in the construction industry, at least it was when I first came across it, it has no end of practical information. From banking to how to watch British TV (hello Neighbours!) it has pretty much everything we need to plan the ‘working’ part of our visa.



Tripadvisor website
Essential for planning the ‘holiday’ part of our trip, Tripadvisor has an opinion on everything.

Oh Tripadvisor, how I love you! Want to know where to eat, sleep and visit? Tripadvisor will tell you. Want to know how to avoid paying for parking at the Hoover Dam? Tripadvisor will tell you (park on the Arizona side and walk back). We pretty much don’t go anywhere nowadays without checking it out on Tripadvisor beforehand and have written our fair share of reviews. Thanks to this website, we’ve found some great restaurants, things to do and hotels such as this one in New York with it’s unlimited supply of cookies.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my travelling genius friend (you know who you are) to introducing me to this fantastic website!



A picture of the Airbnb website
Get on board with the sharing economy and travel with Airbnb. You won’t regret it!

We’ve stayed in 6 Airbnb apartments now and every one of them has been fantastic. Special shout out to Erika & Blake and their absolutely amazing bed. Staying with Airbnb means you’re away from all the tourists so you really get to see what the place your staying in is like, your money goes to the locals rather than a huge hotel chain and Airbnb also claims that it’s a much greener way to travel.  Everyone we’ve stayed with has also given us great tips on the best restaurants, ways to get around and advice on about places to see that otherwise you’d miss. It feels like a home away from home and sometimes you even get free cookies!

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