Canadian working holiday eBook – recognition for Brown Bear!

Here at Brown Bear HQ we were recently honoured to be asked to write a contribution on our experiences for a Canadian working holiday eBook.

The eBook in question is written by Gemma from the excellent Gemma’s website is full of useful tips and inspiration on travelling to Canada’s lesser known parts. Last year, her and partner JR went on a 5 month road trip around Western Canada, which looked absolutely amazing. It has definitely given us lots of ideas for trips of our own. Although we will perhaps be avoiding a visit to what sounds like the bug capital of Canada, aka the Arctic Circle in the height of summer, given Stewart’s tendency to attract ALL the bugs!

Working holiday ebook

Such topics as how to apply for the IEC program, searching for work and travelling Canada are covered by the eBook. There’s also a not so exciting, yet essential section on filling in taxes in Canada which will come in handy for us very soon. It costs £2.99 to download, and can be purchased from here. For those planning a Canadian working holiday, this could be a worthwhile investment as it is packed full of resources and information.

We’re really proud to be one of only two Toronto based blogs to be featured in the Working Holiday Experiences section amongst all the Vancouver and BC based ones. Of course if you want to know what we wrote you’ll have to buy the book!

Thanks again to Gemma for seeking us out.

Stewart and Emma


7 thoughts on “Canadian working holiday eBook – recognition for Brown Bear!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out you guys! Really appreciate it. And thanks so much for your involvement! I’d still recommend a trip to the Arctic Circle, I hear it’s much better in August (we were there at the absolute worst time for bugs) and then you also get the beautiful autumn colours all over the tundra!


    1. No problem, thanks for including us 🙂 Glad to hear we can avoid the bugs, shows how cold it gets when autumn is in August though! I do like the idea of experiencing 24 hours of daylight as well so might have to go without Stewart or get him a special bug suit!


  2. We really aren’t surprised and look forward to using the guide when we come to visit you. x F&P


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