Downtown Toronto and the CN Tower

We’ve signed up to the WWF CN Tower Climb – please sponsor us!

On Monday night we did something crazy, after seeing a tweet from WWF Canada we signed up to climb the CN Tower! Yes, that same tower that Stewart walked on the edge of back in September, and features in many of our pictures of Toronto.

The CN Tower is one of the world’s tallest towers; in fact from 1976 – 2010 it was the world’s tallest tower and freestanding structure! To get to the top we will be walking up a total of 1,776 steps (that’s 144 flights) which we’re reliably told takes an average of 30-40 minutes.

CN Tower
It’s tall, very tall.

To put this into perspective, last year when we climbed to the top of Big Ben, it was a mere 334 steps and the journey nicely broken down into three easy segments by our guide so we would make it to the top. You may get the sense that I am already regretting acting on impulse… Luckily there are plenty of stairs in our apartment building for us to practice on (not 144 flights of them though…)!

We will be taking part in this crazy activity on April 25th to help raise money for WWF (pandas not wrestling). We therefore would love your support! You can sponsor us by visiting our sponsorship page here, or friends and family who would prefer to donate in GBP can just drop us an email.

Thank you and wish us luck (because I’m going to need it)!


Downtown Toronto and the CN Tower
Let’s just take a moment to reflect on how much taller the CN Tower is than everything else.

3 thoughts on “We’ve signed up to the WWF CN Tower Climb – please sponsor us!

  1. Is it actually at 6am?!?!?! You will need luck with getting up for that! haha. Remind me at end of the month and I will sponsor you, gotta wait til payday x


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