Polar bears in Churchill

Our 2015 Canadian bucket list

Happy New Year!

We still have quite a lot of 2014 to catch up with on the blog (we are 2 months behind!) but we thought it would be a good time to start thinking about our plans for 2015. So in no particular order here is the bucket list:

1. Find a moose in the wild. So far the closest we’ve got is some footprints in Algonquin Park. This time we’re thinking of heading deeper into the park by canoe park for a better chance of seeing one.

2. See some polar bears in the wild. As soon as we learnt about the possibility of seeing bears in Churchill we knew we had to make time for this once in a lifetime trip.

3. Marvel at the Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights. Hopefully we can do this on the same trip as the polar bear watching above if we time it right.

Northern lights
Northern Lights

3. Go skiing. I refuse to let the fact that we are living in the relatively flat lands of Toronto stop us from getting good use out of that winter sports cover we paid for back in September!

4. Watch the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Due to an offer on the tickets over the holiday period this has now been booked!

5. Watch an ice hockey game. This one should be relatively easy, understanding what is going on might not be.

6. Visit Niagara Falls in the winter and hopefully capture some great pictures of the ice. It’s very rare that the falls freeze over completely but we will be off to have a look on a cold day anyway.

7. Go to a maple syrup festival in the spring to watch it being made and stuff our faces with pancakes.

8. Grab some bikes, head to the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec and cycle the P’tit Train du Nord trail. This disused railway line offers spectacular scenery and is meant to be a pretty easy ride.

9. Spot some whales on a trip from either Vancouver Island and/or Newfoundland & Labrador.

10. Check out the Georgian Bay Islands, one of Ontario’s most scenic locations.

11. Explore more of what our new home, Toronto, has to offer, including the zoo, museums and food.

12. Sail around the Thousand Islands on the hunt for some tasty salad dressing

13. Practice our French in Quebec City.

14. See Canada’s national animal, the beaver, in the wild. The closest we’ve come so far is seeing one of their dams.

Polar bears in Churchill
Polar bears in Churchill

And a few outside of Canada:

15. Visit our good friends Ben and Jerry in Vermont.

16. Take a trip to New York to see what it’s like in the summer as it was pretty chilly when we went visited back in 2011.

17. Go to Chicago, the gateway to America’s midwest.

18. Fly over to Hawaii to catch some rays, learn to surf and visit some volcanoes.

Central Park New York
Emma is hoping to one day see New York’s Central Park in better weather than in November 2011

The list is endless and I’m sure we will add more to it as we go along and there will be things we don’t get around to doing but we plan to pack in as much as possible during our time here.

Stewart and Emma


7 thoughts on “Our 2015 Canadian bucket list

  1. Happy New Year! I’ve just been reading some of your posts and it looks like we have some similarities on our Canadian bucket lists, especially seeing the Northern Lights. Saying that, you have both seen way more of Canada in 3 months than I have in 4 years, so hope to catch you up a bit in 2015! Congrats on activating the IEC visa and very best of luck with your new lives in Toronto. I’m also from Cambridge so can’t wait to see how living in Toronto compares. If it’s anything like living in Vancouver, very different I guess! 🙂


    1. Thank you and Happy New Year. Toronto is definitely very different to Cambridge – just as flat though! We’ve had an amazing three months travelling and glad that we made the choice to travel a bit before settling down so to speak. Downside is that I’m way behind on the job search so the first thing on the list for 2015 is to get a job so we can actually afford to do the things from our bucket list! I first stumbled across your blog a few years ago when coming to Canada was just a dream and have been reading it on and off ever since. It’s been inspiring to see what you’ve been up to and that you’ve been successful in getting PR. Looking forward to reading about your travels in 2015!


  2. Seems like the two of you have forgotten to add the DCT plan, a coast drive from Boston to the Florida Keys with your English chocolate dealer…. But glad to see the maple syrup festivals got a mention. x


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